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     10 Ways Membership in MEGT Makes a Difference
  1. A voice to shape educational policy in the state
  2. Increase the dialogue between home, school and community
  3. Network with other professionals in the gifted education field
  4. Classroom resources aimed specifically at high potential learners
  5. Build your instructional strategies for all learners
  6. Access to the state MEGT newsletter and pull-out pages
  7. Annual position papers addressing hot topics in gifted education
  8. Access to the latest research developments and publications
  9. Regional and state professional development opportunities
  10. An annual conference featuring national and state experts in gifted education and talent development
Click below to download a timely column, "The Importance of Joining Your State Gifted Organization," by Dr. Julia Link Roberts and Tracy Ford Inman. Share with others!

The Importance of Joining Your State Gifted Organization

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