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Strategic Planning

Promoting and supporting excellence in gifted and talented education

Innovation – forward-thinking and creative approaches in education practices.  

Advocacy and Outreach – access to free and appropriate academic programming for all gifted and talented learners throughout Minnesota.   

Equity – participants in gifted and talented programming mirror the demographics of each district; such as cultural, linguistic, and economic diversity.

Collaboration and Collegial support – opportunities for professional development, networking, and the sharing of resources.

  • Gifted and talented education is valued throughout Minnesota.

  • Gifted and talented education is fully funded across Minnesota.

  • All gifted and talented learners are engaged and challenged.

  • Gifted and talented learners from all cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds are included in services as reflective of local demographics.

  • All educational professionals are trained to meet the needs of gifted and talented learners.

  • The cognitive and affective needs of all gifted and talented learners are met.

  • MEGT collaborates with business, industry and related organizations to further gifted and talented education.

  • MEGT is a viable and vibrant organization providing diverse opportunities for educators throughout Minnesota.

  • Minnesota is seen as the leader in gifted and talented education.

  1. Advocacy

  2. Professional development

  3. Organizational excellence

Strategic Roadmap


Authored 7/27/16

Voted 9/17/16